vendredi 24 septembre 2010

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Birds on the wires

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

One day Jarbas Agnelli was reading his newspaper when he saw a picture of birds on electric wires which immediately fascinated him.. He noticed that the positions of the birds looked like a pice of musical notation. He set about recreating the melody based on where the birds were perched.

He contacted the photographer who had taken the original picture who was also intrigued by the music. He informed his Editor and the whole idea was turned in to a story in the newspaper. Agnelli, spurred on, then created this animation with the photo, the music and the score.

There is absolutely no Photoshop involved here - the melody is created from the exact positions of the birds on the wires. It's a lovely little tune, too!

How to melt a Chocolate Bunny

Lernert & Sander are two dutch artists and friends who decided that working alone was getting boring and started collaborating on art related projects. Since their first video Chocolate Bunny they’ve been working on commercials, leaders, art movies, documentaries and installations.

Framed Staircase at V&A by John Jones

john jones framed staircase 600x375 Framed Staircase at V&A by John Jones

The team at John Jones have installed Framed, a collaboration with artist Stuart Haygarth, at the V&A. Over 600 meters of frame profiles have been cut, mitered, joined, sanded and colored in a range of special finishes including gold leaf.

john jones framed staircase 1 Framed Staircase at V&A by John Jones

The piece was unveiled on 18th September London Design Festival 2010. As part of their ongoing collaboration with Haygarth, one of his pieces, a chandelier made of spectacles, will be on display in the John Jones Collection Space from 20th September.


jeudi 23 septembre 2010

TATTOOED LADIES...du début du 20 ème siècle

Anna Gibbons with her husband

Anna Gibbons front tattoo...

Anonymous tattooed lady

Anna Gibbon back

Anna Gibbons in 1920

Anna Gibbons, a fram girl from Portage County, found fame, fortune, and an interesting life as "Artoria", one of the best-known tattooed ladies of her generation. Having made her choice to let her tattoo-artist husband (one of the most famous of America) decorate her body for financial considerations (though her various biographies tell other, more exciting stories), Anna spent the next fifty years of her life traveling the country with the Ringling Brothers, Hall and Christ Sideshow, and other famous circuses. Her story interwines with the history of the tattoo and sideshow, the evolution of personnal expression in America, and the new options and choices which women like Anna make available for the next generation.
Anna Mae Burlingston birth name
Birthday: July 16, 1893
Deathday: March 18, 1985 Tennessee

*For more about Artoria Gibbons, Amelia Klem, "A Life of Her Own"