mercredi 18 août 2010


entwurf direkt furniture 7 600x283 Mismatch Drawers by Entwurf Direkt

The German studio Entwurf-Direkt has been around since 2001 and is as much an art space as a furniture store. Each of their ‘Mismatch Drawers’ are build in close collaboration with the clients and are absolutely unique. All their dressers and chest are built in cooperation with young carpenters.

entwurf direkt furniture 600x359 Mismatch Drawers by Entwurf Direkt
Per Schumann explained the idea behind using old drawers.
“I have always been fascinated by all things used or discarded; in particular, old drawers are just ‘my thing.’ They are the mute servants that help us through our daily lives, containing all kinds of secret things or just bric-a-brac”

entwurf direkt furniture 4 600x335 Mismatch Drawers by Entwurf Direkt
“Drawers that stand out for their attractive craftsmanship or else for their being slightly bizarre or telling us a story or two, reflecting life in all its facets. Our wish is to revive the very beauty of those things, the life they have lived — in a manner that is both fresh and simple.”

entwurf direkt furniture 9 600x360 Mismatch Drawers by Entwurf Direkt

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Nicholle a dit…

Interesting I Know a brand who also used this idea of diferent drawers and put them together in the same piece of furniture. Of course they used a totaly oposite approach more focused on luxury but yet the concept of histories inside the drawers is the same: