lundi 25 octobre 2010

JOEL MEYEROWITZ...Above 1970***

Joel Meyerowitz was born in New-York in 1938. He began photographing in 1962.

He´s a "street photographer" in the tradition of Henri Cartier Bresson and Robert Frank, althought he works exclusively in color. As an early advocate of color photography (mid-60's)
he was instrumental in changing the attitude toward the use of color photography from one of resistance to nearly universale acceptance.
His first Book Cape Light is considered a classic work of color photography and as sold more than 100,000 copies during its 20 years life. He is the author of eleven other books including Bystander, The History of Street Photography. His work has appeared in over 120 exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world.
"Pop" which Meyerowitz produced and directed, was his first film. It was awared the "Best of Festival" award at the Chicago Windy City Film Festival in September 1998 and "Best Documentary in the Humanitarian Tradition" at the Athens International Film and video Festival in May 1998.

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