mardi 1 février 2011

Paris Texas (1984) - - - - - - - - Wim Wenders...

Paris, Texas is probably Wim Wenders´most well known, critically acclaimed, and successful movie, winning a number of international prizes including the Cannes Palme D´Or for best film in 1984.
This unusual raod movie, with screenplay by acclaimed playright Sam Shepard, tells the tale of Travis, a man lost in his own private hell.
Presumed dead for four years, he reappears from the desert on the Mexico border, world-weary and amnesiac.
He traces his brother Walt who is bringing up Hunter, his seven-years-old son, his ex-wife
Jane having abandoned him at Walt´s door several years before.
As virtual strangers, Hunter and Travis begin to build a wary frienship and conspire to find Jane and bring her back to be a real family.
With extraordinary performances from Harry Dean Stanton as Travis and Natassja Kinski as Jane, the film also boasts a soundtrack by Ry Cooder, ideally suited to the film´s sun-bleached landscapes and melancholy undertones.

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